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Optimize Project Management Through Innovative Thinking

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The opportunity to improve on traditional project management solutions is constantly growing as organizations expand their technological and interactive resources. With that in mind, more companies are gearing up their operations and promoting superior growth opportunities for their project managers so as to keep their business successes climbing. The end result is more effective leaders and superior means of communication, but getting to these outcomes requires that firms know how to optimize the learning and growth potential for all their leadership personnel.
One of the best ways to do that is through the advancement of innovative thinking and enhanced user opportunities. When project managers feel that their careers have places to go and ways of becoming more promising, it’s likely that these leaders will bring their teams to greater success. Encouraging innovation and proactive educational options can help companies achieve these goals.
Here are some of the leading methods of helping project managers attain higher standards and expectations.
Encouraging thinking and feeling
More often than not, companies try to get their staff to think about problems and communications in a logical, orderly fashion. The problem is, people aren’t machines, but organizations don’t always recognize how these two qualities of thinking and feeling vary the likelihood of success.
According to a report from Arras People, more than half of top project managers go with their gut rather than the numbers when dealing with stakeholders, making key staffing decisions or coming up with other crucial and innovative parts of the project management life cycle. These leaps of faith are often more than just guessing, as only two percent of all study respondents admitted to such a factless means of determination. Rather, professional project managers have enough experience to know when something is going to be a success or a failure based on their past interactions, even if the numbers don’t back it up.
When organizations trust their project managers enough to give them the leeway to feel and innovate, they’re likely to see better outcomes.
Be a creativity engine
In the same line as many workplaces may squash feelings over logic, so too are workplaces susceptible to the doldrums of routine in place of innovation and creativity. According to IT Business Edge’s Kim Mays, this lack of freedom can lead to the death of project management teams.
As Mays noted, the idea of giving project managers creative freedom may have been verboten to some organizations in the past as it could have been misconstrued as permission to have carte blanche over areas of challenge oversight that could lead to disaster. On the contrary, the source pointed out that failure to provide employees with enough leeway to express themselves and explore various opportunities could cause even greater damage to enterprise operations, as personnel may lose interest or become disengaged from their work.
What’s more, the benefits of offering a creative landscape to personnel comes from the rich diversity of options companies can enjoy just by letting employees pursue innovative ideas. These ideas can help the whole organization improve its operations, as the ideas of a few can oftentimes be applied to exciting project initiatives that enhance programs in other parts of the business.
Offer career incentives
One of the best ways to deter the greatest and most innovative personnel is to make them feel like their careers are going nowhere. This is common in organizations where businesses are afraid to let their employees take the reins and make their own decisions. However, this is an integral part of project management and should be offered to personnel accordingly.
Project Accelerator commented that it’s increasingly difficult for companies to keep their operations on-track in instances where businesses are lacking the proper combination of best products, services and talent management to meet the growing expectations of top performers. The source indicated that it’s necessary for organizations to put more effort into offering incentives that make employees feel motivated to reach the next level. The best way to do that is by providing new opportunities for personal growth and knowledge innovation.

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